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Hot Rods and Harleys is Cancelled for 2020

The City of Rahway and the organizers of the annual Hot Rods and Harleys event, U4Guys, regrettably announce that Hot Rods and Harleys will not take place on September 19, 2020, as previously announced, and is canceled for this year.

The organizers have come to this difficult decision in light of the large crowds that the event usually attracts, the significant lead time needed to organize the event, and uncertainty over social distancing and other guidelines that will be in place at the time. The event also relies heavily on the generosity and involvement of local businesses, and the organizers recognize that many of these businesses are struggling to adapt and stay afloat during the current pandemic. The well-being of the Rahway community was the paramount consideration in this decision.

Everyone involved looks forward to the return of Hot Rods and Harleys in 2021 as the biggest and best event yet!

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