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The Feel of Hot Rods and Harleys? Yes - TOUCH A TRUCK!

OK - we're to our fourth sense now - touch - and we'd like to spotlight a new sub-event to Hot Rods and Harleys this year - TOUCH-A-TRUCK!

This is a special event, a hands-on opportunity for kids of every age to check out trucks up-close and personal! There is a small admission price of $4, which will go to two great charities, Inroads to Opportunities and the NJ Institute for Disabilities.

This will be located on Main Street, in the lot across from Luciano's restaurant, and there will be other kids activities in the vicinity, so make sure you stop by, support two great charities, and see what Touch-a-Truck is all about! (Check out this post for the location of Touch a Truck.)

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